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Who is Eric Jones and why does he keep contacting me?

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Have you been inundated with messages by email or through a contact us form from Eric Jones trying to sign you up to a service called Talk With Web Visitor?

We have received loads of these messages so thought it was worth writing a quick post to help others who probably have too.

If you do a Google search for ‘Eric Jones Talkwithwebvisitor‘ you will see we’re not the only ones receiving these messages. It is assumed the name isn’t real but it’s interesting that all the messages are sticking to it. You’d think different names would get used.

What is ‘Talk with web visitor’?

It’s a service which you add to any website to make it easy for the visitor to contact you by phone regardless of where they are in the world. However, it’s expensive (over £200 per month for their recommended plan) and, based on their marketing tactics, we wouldn’t recommend them. And their website doesn’t show any company details so doing any checks on them is very difficult.

But, there are plenty of alternatives and one great service is This is absolutely free and very easy to add to any site. And if your site is built with WordPress then it’s even easier as you can just install a plugin to handle it.

So our advice would be to ignore emails and messages from Eric Jones and look for a better solution that the one ‘he’ is spamming you about.