In our fast moving world, people want a fast connection to the internet, both for personal and business use. Broadband delivers this solution in a cost effective and powerful way. Broadband speeds are getting faster year by year giving users a much better internet experience and making new services more viable.

In the UK there are a range of broadband internet providers and they offer different services in respect of broadband speed, monthly charges, usage limits, download limits, length of contract, modems, routers, customer service and usage policies. Charges differ considerably from FREE upwards, however free or the cheapest may not always be the best. What is more important is that you get the right broadband package that meets your needs. A good place to start to help you choose which provider is right for you is to visit a comparison website that lists a wide range of broadband options from different suppliers.

Always check the terms and conditions of the package that you think suits you best. Keep an eye out for clauses which comit you to long terms or penalty fees if you want to switch.

The other main thing to consider is ADSL (broadband down a BT phone line) or DSL (cable). If you live in a cable-enabled area then the speeds and performance will be much greater. But the price is often more.

For ADSL we recommend PlusNet (formerly Force9 and now owned by BT). For DSL it is Virgin Media.