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.UK domains will soon be available to the public

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Five years ago, Nominet (the organisation who manages UK domain names) added .UK to their list of top-level-domains. But, they reserved them for owners of and domains. This meant there wasn’t any urgency to register a .uk domain if you didn’t actually want it as no-one else could have it if you owned the version.

But, this stops being the case on 10th June 2019. So, if you own a or domain and want to make sure no-one gets the .uk equivalent, you would be well advised to register it before 10th June.

With that in mind, if there’s a .uk domain you’d like to register but can’t because you don’t have the equivalent, from 10th June you’ll be able to.

You can purchase these domains from us at £12+vat per year. Just use the search box at the bottom of our website to see what’s available.

Read our original post from 5 years ago to see how it all happened.