Are you a web designer? Would you like assistance in taking your site to the next level? Site-Street can develop full database-driven, dynamic web apps and websites for you using either PHP with MySQL databases or WordPress.

Tell us what you require and we’ll tell you what’s involved. Some examples of work we’ve produced are:

  • CRM – Customer Relationship Manager
  • eCommerce shopping cart and order processing
  • Online quotation for insurance policies
  • Editable web pages for easy news updating
  • Discussion forums
  • Guestbooks

Do you have a very specific structure you want to manage? Off-the-shelf solutions like Salesforce are too complicated or just don’t quite fit? We design the database specifically for you and then build the system from scratch. If you want it to behave in a particular way, that’s how we’ll build it. And it will be fast and fully responsive. To get technical for a moment, we build the API and then the front-end to run with it.

Once you go ‘dynamic’ the possibilities are endless. Contact us for a brainstorm.