The most aggressive attack on WordPress sites ever

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If your site is built on WordPress then this is for you.

Wordfence, one of the leading security plugins for WordPress, posted this article yesterday.

WordPress is the leading content management system and is used on approaching 30% of all websites worldwide. But, this makes it a target for hackers. Here are some quick tips to help your site remain safe.

  1. Make sure all administrator users have strong passwords and don’t use the same password multiple times.
  2. Don’t use the default ‘admin’ as the username.
  3. Install a good security plugin. We highly recommend Wordfence which gives fantastic protection for free.
  4. Keep backups.
  5. Make sure your plugins and themes are up-to-date.

If we developed your site in WordPress then it’s highly likely we’ve already taken the above steps but do check with us if you’re unsure. We also offer a maintenance plan where we keep an eye on your site, perform regular updates and take backups every day and immediately before doing any updates. Just drop us an email if you’d like this service.